Homelessness 101

Hi peeps!

People ask me all of the time what they can do to get involved in their community whether it be with advocating for immigration reform, anti-human trafficking efforts, or helping with the issue of homelessness.

Often times, I think they think that getting involved is more complicated than it is.

3 quick tips from me:

1. Decide to do it.

Don’t just talk about how great it would be to do something in your community. Pick something and commit to it. Hold yourself accountable.

2. Just show up!

There is so much power in presence and being present. Like the gym, half of the battle is just showing up.

3. Try new things!

You might discover new ways to serve that you really love and/or meet some really awesome people (the awesome people part is almost guaranteed).

With all of that being said, I’d like to challenge you to show up to:


This is a good step towards becoming more knowledgeable about the issue of homelessness and plus, I’ll be there. So, awesome people are definitely guaranteed. ;)

Much love,